Wednesday, August 8, 2018

What's this blog about?

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    “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.” - Ansel Adams

  Every photo has a story, a why the photographer took the photo and how they came to be there. Here, I'll get the chance to share the story of my photographs and to have a conversation if an image resonates with you in some way.

  Too often, the photographer and the viewer never meet. Even in the age of Facebook and Instagram, the comment section is rarely used to share the complete story of a photograph and it almost never involves an exchange of ideas between viewer and photographer.

Indian River Inlet Bridge from Conquest Beach

So my aim here is to showcase one of my photographs every month (or so) and tell you all about it.

  Most of you were introduced to my images by Facebook. And many of you took a look at my website where I try to showcase my finest photographs. And I really hope you've enjoyed them.

  What you might not know is that I also post photographs on Twitter and Instagram each day. And I never duplicate! I share different photographs on each social network so you'll get a unique viewing experience on each one. 

  Twitter and Facebook get high quality photographs, usually captured with my Canon DSLR, that might not make it to the website but that I'm still proud to share. And Instagram gets my more whimsical and personal images, often shot with my iPhone.

I can collect all my photographs and stories in one place. And then share them with you.

  I realize that not everyone has a Twitter account. Judging by the number of followers I have on Twitter, no one does! And despite Instagram's popularity, there are many of you who will never see my photographs there either.

  But all of you can subscribe to my blog and get a notification when I post a new photo story. And every story will feature a photograph you probably haven't seen before.

  And you'll get to find out more about the photograph like where I was, why I was there, what conditions were like, and why I chose to capture the image and process it the way I did.

Will you find this interesting?

  That's the big question for me, of course. I certainly hope you will but even if you aren't interested in the backstory, I do hope you'll enjoy seeing the photographs you're missing if you don't follow me on Instagram and Twitter (although I hope you do that too).

  And let's remember that we, photographer and viewer, can engage in conversation here.

  Like or dislike a photo or story? Tell me why. And let me know how to make this blog as good as it can be. Want more of something or a little less of something else? Or maybe have a question about photography? Leave me a note in the comments and I promise to answer.

  And a photography blog as good as this one over-delivers today with one more image, so I leave you with a photograph of some stunning flowers I encountered on a recent morning walk.

Tiger Lilies

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