Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Dune's Irregulars: Delicate Buffers


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Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” - Dorothea Lange

Another one of my pleading missives about the dunes: please stay off them while enjoying the beach. The fences and warning signs are there to protect the delicate sea grasses which keep the dunes intact despite the steady ocean breeze and powerful waves. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people of all ages ignoring the signs, breaching the fence, and traipsing all over or lounging on the dunes, often for a group snapshot or selfie. Unleashed dogs are frequently the culprits of grass damage because their owners won't follow the law. We must protect our beaches and natural resources. Everyone of us needs to be a steward of the environment so we and our posterity can continue to enjoy its many blessings. Working together is the only way forward. While it usually takes a village to keep a place beautiful, sadly it only takes one selfish person to ruin it. And if you never gave the dunes a second thought, think about what I wrote in my post on February 13, 2021...

Wind and surf relentlessly erode, stripping the sand away and leaving the beach thin and bare. Powerful storms from the sea and high tides can rush water over the weakened beachfront to unprotected areas further inland. And as the water recedes, it carries even more precious sand away with it. Fortunately, the dunes stand guard, ready to face the onslaught and turn back the tide. But what holds the dunes together? What keeps these delicate mounds of sand stable enough to do their important job? In ‘The Dune’s Irregulars,’ meet the veritable guerrilla army of grasses that grow on our fragile dunes, their stems deflecting the punishing wind and their roots stubbornly helping the sand to turn back the ceaseless waves. Alone, each bunch of grass can do little, but look at what a bunch of bunches can do! We too can accomplish far more together than we ever could alone. Let’s be like the many grasses, working cooperatively to keep our beautiful part of the world stalwart and secure. Peace and be well, my friends!

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